Bacary Sagna didnt like the low use of him by Manchester City

Bacary Sagna does not seem to be enjoying the fact that he is being used in bits and pieces by Manchester City.

Sagna, who made his way to Etihad Stadium the previous summer, has got to play 6 games only in the top tier and most of them have been short appearances.

Sagna believes he is good enough to be getting more opportunities.

It has been learnt from the sources that Sagna is starting to contemplate his exit already.

Roma is believed to be one of the clubs which might be interested in Sagna if he is made available by the Sky Blues the coming summer.

However, Sagna’s age would be a big hindrance in him getting a long contract at Roma.

He is 32 and at best, he would be signed for a couple of years.

Sagna has two years in his contract here at Etihad too. He is in here till the summer of 2017, but, he is just feeling a bit agitated after having not been given that much of a preference.

Pablo Zabaleta is the one with whom the City management is persisting with for the right back position at the moment and the Argentinean has not been poor, but, it’s completely understandable why Sagna is finding it difficult to accept the situation.

The Frenchman has been used to regular playing time at his previous clubs. He did not sit out for that long ever at Arsenal or even at Auxerre. So, he must have been feeling a bit left out. Ego is also an issue with these big names.

Sagna himself, though, has publicly not hinted about his frustration of being sidelined. He has been saying right through that he is prepared to grab his opportunities.