Bacary Sagna Names the Main Threat to Man City’s Premier League Defence

Liverpool and Manchester City have been fighting it out since 2018-2019 when the present Premier League Champions got over the line only by one point. It was the second of the Premier League titles of Pep Guardiola as manager, the first coming with a haul of record points of 100 with Man United coming in the second but 19 points behind.

In the last four seasons, it was often seen that the games that helped in deciding the title have always been Manchester City vs. Liverpool, with Jurgen Klopp, as well as Guardiola adding to the build-up in their manner. Barcary Sagna, the former City and Arsenal defender thinks that Liverpool has given them an issue with slot stat and expects that his former clubs are going to battle it for the title of the year.

In an interview, Sagna outlined his reasoning behind his prediction for Arsenal. He stated that he feels that Arsenal can be the primary competition to Manchester City for the title of the Premier League who remains the strong favorites. Also, he said that he doesn’t see any other team challenging them. Surely, you cannot completely rule out Liverpool but they have lost Sadio Mane and they do not look the same without him.
Sagna had been eager to point out the reason why Liverpool not looking the same as the global player of Senegal after he moves to Bayern Munich. Mohamed Salah and Mane had been consistent and completed each other. There is no surety that Liverpool is going to be feared in the same manner this season.
Sagna says that he thinks that the team is paying the way they would like to play instead of working on the defense to Salah and Mane. As Liverpool has already dropped the points, it might be difficult for them to catch up.