Manchester City is appealing BacarySagna’s latest fine

On January 2 of 2017, Manchester City locked horns with Burnley in a match that resulted with the team of Pep Guardiola just barely being able to secure a 2-1 triumph as they continue their charge for the top spots of the Premier League.

Even though Manchester City came out on top with the victory and snatched all 3 points which was a very good outcome for the Premier League club, BacarySagna felt that the referee was working in favor of Burnley and the 33 year old French defender made his voice be heard as Sagna launched a message through his instagram which read: "10 against 12.. but still fighting and winning as a team''

BacarySagna was making reference to the fact that Fernandinho received a red card at the 32rd minute and Manchester City had to play with 1 less player for the rest of the match and the experienced defender also felt that the referee: Lee Mason was basically another player of Burnley as he favored a lot of decisions for the visiting team.

It’s because of this post that Sagna made on his social media account that the Football Association (FA) has released a statement which says: "BacarySagna has been fined £40,000 for misconduct in relation to a comment posted on social media. The Manchester City defender was also warned as to his future conduct, following the Independent Regulatory Commission hearing’’

Manchester City is believed to be attempting to appeal the fine and hopefully lower the amount of money that BacarySagna has to pay to the football governing body. From the looks of it, Sagna will not be receiving any match suspensions as this sanction from FA is more of a financial one than anything else which is good news for the 33 year old Frenchman and for Pep Guardiola as Sagna is a consistent starter in the Premier League club who has been making impressive appearances and helped Manchester City in their task of winning the Premier League title.