Pep Guardiola dislikes Personal Aspirations of Players

Bacary Sagna’s club coach Pep Guardiola is not a big fan of Footballers having personal aspirations of winning this particular award or that particular award.

The Spaniard reckons that the aspirations of a Footballer should always be from the team’s point of view and not from his own point of view because if he achieves something for himself while his team is struggling, that’s of no importance at all.

Talking about the Footballers who always state in their interviews that they have a dream of holding Ballon d’Or in their hands one day, Guardiola says that he is strictly against anyone having that kind of mentality. A personal award should never be the dream because if someone is thinking that way, he is thinking about himself only which shouldn’t be the case.

As per Guardiola, he has been given a lot of awards too as a coach, but, he never eyed those awards and they never got him over the moon either because he knows that he wouldn’t have been able to win those awards if his players had not performed as well as they did. Whatever award he was given, it was not due to him, it was due to the players, due to the team.

And he can say the same about the players as well. If someone has scored a lot of goals and has been named the best striker, then he must have got fantastic passes or crosses by the players playing at other positions and their contribution were vital as well in his goals. It was not as if he did it all by himself. It’s the team helping that striker win the award. So that’s how Football is, it’s always about the group that you are a part of rather than about you yourself.