Sagna’s Predictions about Upcoming Games

This Saturday Liverpool will be facing Brighton at Amex. Bacary Sagna, who is a former defender of France and a pundit today, says that Roberto De Zerbi will be riding high on confidence in his game. He will have his team believe that they will be able to beat the Red players.

Bacary Sagna was a Premier League defender during his days of play. He predicts that the match between Brighton and Liverpool will be interesting since Brighton appears confident of a win. Liverpool will be making the trip to Amex where they will face Brighton. Earlier in the season both teams had been in a match that resulted in a draw of 3-3. The Albion team had taken the lead with two goals which they hit within 17 minutes into the game.

Sagna himself was a defender for Arsenal and Man City before. He predicts that De Zerbi has gotten his players super confident, believing that they can win Saturday’s match. The pressure is on Liverpool’s side, especially when they want to make their way up on the league scoreboard. There is a gap between Liverpool’s position and the fourth spot on the scoreboard. Hence, Bacary feels that Liverpool needs to put in their best in this game. All pressures will be on if Liverpool wants to make it to the Champions League. Indeed, Liverpool had been in a better position before, in the past few seasons.
Sagna also has viewpoints about the other Premier League clubs, especially about his former club Arsenal. The upcoming game between Arsenal and Tottenham is what his predictions and opinions are about. He feels that the game at North London Derby would be special, with Tottenham having good players and Arsenal with an admirable squad. He is confident that Arsenal will win this game.