The defender of Arsenal, Bacary Sagna, has said that he is disappointed with the deterioration of his form in the recent matches. However, the 29 years old Frenchman assured his fans that he is putting in hard work and hopefully, his form would get better soon.

Sagna has been one of the most consistent players of Arsenal in the last 5 years. He has put up a lot of good performances for the Gunners in the last few seasons. But, in the recently played matches, he has struggled with his form.

When asked about his recent form, Sagna said, “To be honest with you, I am not satisfied with my recent performances. My form has deteriorated in the last couple of months and I am pretty disappointed about it. But, the only way I can get back to top form is by putting in hard work and I am doing exactly that in the training sessions.”

“It’s about confidence at this level. I had a couple of serious injury issues in the last season and I didn’t have much practice before the start of this season. I was very low on confidence before the start of the season. I am still low on confidence as I have not performed that well in the matches that I have played in this season.”
“It happens with every player, but, I need to make sure that it doesn’t carry on for too long. It’s a tough phase for me, but, I am training hard and hopefully, I would get my form back soon.”

Recently, there also have been speculations that Sagna wants to leave Arsenal. When asked about that, the French defender said, “There is nothing like that. I don’t want to take a transfer at this point of time. I will continue playing in Arsenal shirt till the completion of my contract.”