Spainish Fans Keep Heads High

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is something the fans of Spanish football would not like to keep in their head for a long time. It was horrible for them to say the least. It was not just a group round elimination for the defending champions, it was a humiliating elimination.

But, this is not the end of the world for the Spanish side. What happened in Brazil had to happen with them at some point of time. Almost the same group of players had been playing since the last 6-7 years and they had won almost everything that was there to be won. They just couldn’t have kept winning. They had to age at some point of time.

Actually, the World Cup came at such a time when the Spanish side was in an awkward phase. The stars had clearly not been playing at their best, but, there were not too many youngsters there with enough international exposure to be taken into a World Cup.

So, the team management had no option, but, to go to Brazil with the stars and hope that there would be just enough left in them to see the team through one more tournament, but, unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.

Neither of the many stalwarts of the La Roja side was able to bring their A game out. A versatile Netherlands and a highly energetic Chile exposed them to the fullest and showed them the exit door in very first week of the tournament.

However, despite this tragic outing, the players of Spain have no reason to keep their heads down. The way they dominated the world in the last half decade or so, hardly any team in the history of the game would have ever done that.